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Create engaging slide-style blogs, import social media posts, launch lead magnets, write gated content, and much more.

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Rather than let those posts disappear into the void, you can extend their shelf life by curating them onto a Typedd blog. So your content gets a second wind in the form of SEO traffic.
Donald Chan
Founder at B2B Digital Agency

Social media posts turned into blogs

Make your Twitter threads & LinkedIn posts visible to much wider audience without any hassle. You own your content, and this is a great way to organize them.

No more boring looking posts

Typical blogs are text-heavy and look the same, making them cumbersome to read. Typedd blogs, however, are visually appealing and engaging, allowing you to add background images, overlays, gradients, and more to captivate readers.

The best way to generate leads through your content

New way to blog


We have introduced a new way to read a blog. More calm & less overwhelming way to read.

We split a blog into a story like mode. This allows people to read more easily.

Import social post

Twitter threads & linkedin

Using our chrome extension. You can easily import your Twitter threads & LinkedIn posts.

They are served as your blogs. It’s your content. you should repurpose it.

Add social links

ALL your social links here

Easily add your social media links to your page. So you can give more ways to connect.

Its like your small link in bio website. It’s your personal website to share.


understand your audience

Get inbuilt analytics for all your blogs to understand more about your audience.

See page views, visitors, referrers, clicks, and many more for your content.

Social previews

get more clicks on socials

Generate captivating social preview images for your blogs when shared on social media.

Increase your click-through rate and enhance your online presence with ease.

Built-in for SEO

grow organically now

We handle all the meta-tag optimization for your posts, ensuring best performance & SEO ranking.

Simply focus on writing and sharing your posts – we ensure everything.

Lead magnet

Generate leads with blogs

Transform your audience into valuable leads by adding lead magnets in your Blogs!  

Build a following for your personal brand or business by sharing well-written content & valuable resources and turn it into a monetizable customer base. 

Subscribe forms

Build your audience

Seamlessly connect with your audience by offering them a hassle-free way to subscribe to your content.

With a single click, readers can receive updates directly in their inbox, ensuring they never miss your latest post.

Make gated content

collect more leads

Boost your lead collection and grow your audience effortlessly with our ‘Gated Content’ feature.

Simply lock valuable content and prompt visitors to subscribe in order to unlock it, ensuring you capture valuable leads while providing valuable content.

Our powerful chrome extension

Directly publish your LinkedIn posts & Twitter threads on your Typedd website

linkedin posts to blogs

Ready for the growth!

Get traffic from Search

Drive more traffic and increase your brand's reach by turning your social posts into SEO-friendly blogs.

Personal brand growth

Your personal website is more than just a platform — it's your gateway to becoming a thought leader

Own your content

Don't let your posts go to waste. Own them and turn them into engaging blog content that truly represents you.

Grow your audience

Discover a new avenue to expand your audience and open doors to exciting opportunities.

Built for every personal brand

Excited to try this tool! As a content creator, I’m always looking for new ways to grow my brand. Can’t wait to see how it helps me reach a wider audience

Svenja rossig

Absolutely thrilled to discover this tool! As someone passionate about content creation, I’ve been eagerly searching for a way to boost my brand’s reach. This might do the trick!


How it works?

Write or import

Write your posts or import any of your social media posts through our chrome extension.

Link your domain

You can easily link your custom domain too. Even tho you get our free subdomain.

Start publishing

You get your personal blog site setup in seconds. Easily start publishing now!

Ready to turn your content into an audience?

Plan is really simple. You write valuable content and we offer you right tools to generate leads from them