Turn your valuable LinkedIn posts into blogs

A new way to share your posts with the world

How does it work?

Install Chrome extension

Install Typedd's post repurposing chrome extension.

Open the LinkedIn post

Open your LinkedIn post in a new tab. Click on the Typedd repurpose button.

Publish It

Add a title for the post, preview and edit any changes and hit publish.

Our powerful chrome extension

Easily publish your LinkedIn posts as your Typedd blogs – directly from the same page.

linkedin posts to blogs
linkedin posts to blogs

Works Like Magic! 💫

It will adjust and edit the layout of the post by itself.
All you have to do is add the title of your post and Typedd will do the rest.

So you’ll have your blog made in seconds!

How does it help?

Extended Reach

Blogs allow for more in-depth content, attracting a larger and more diverse audience.

SEO Benefits

Longer, high-quality blogs improve search engine visibility and reach beyond LinkedIn.

Thought Leadership

Blogs establish authority, showcasing expertise and contributing to thought leadership


Turning LinkedIn posts into blogs maximizes impact across various platforms and purposes.

Watch this video on how
to get started with it?

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