Import social posts

Using our chrome extension you can use easily import your Twitter threads and LinkedIn posts. We will be adding more social media channels very soon.

Add social links & bio

Its your personal website. Add all your social links in one place so people can connect with you. Include a bio too so everyone can know you better.

Add your domain

Connect your domain effortlessly, allowing you to publish your personal blog on our SlideBites subdomain or customize your online presence.

Story style reading

Traditional blogs are overwhelming. We present your content in a story format, making it easy for readers to read in an interactive way.

Lead magnet

Easily generate leads with your blog posts for your personal brand or business. Convert your readers into customers to monetize your brand by providing valuable resources.

Subscription forms

Simplify the connection with your audience to build a loyal readership. 

1-Click Subscription
offers your audience
hassle-free way
receive your


Users can easily change text colors, set background colors for slides, and add images to individual slides, all within the blog post editor. With this feature, bloggers can craft visually captivating content.


Gated Slides empower users to strategically build their audience, By keeping the most valuable sections exclusive. Users can customize the gating method, opting for either email subscription or follow links.

Fastest loading time

Get your SEO friendly social blog. You just need to create high-quality content that meets your readers’ needs. We take care of everything else.

Start your social blog

Its your personal website, social links and blog – all in one place.