How To Create High Performing LinkedIn Lead Magnets

In this blog we’ll show you everything you need to know to generate leads with the help of LinkedIn posts in the easiest way.

Targeted LinkedIn posts will grant you a specific audience, you can use valuable and informative resources, that is relevant to your audience to convert them into a monetizable readership.

Here’s how:

Research & Making Content

First let’s start with researching and finding which lead topics will work for you and how you can come up with relevant content to go with that.

Initially, You’ll have to figure out which target audience is more relevant to your niche and knowledge, and list down the problems they’re facing that you can solve or help with.

Then you’ll have to write the content that solves those problems in the format of PDF/Notion/google-sheet-links/videos – anything that is downloadable.

Make sure you give it a punchy hook.

For example: If you’ve built a product for podcasters. Let’s say it’s “a podcast video maker tool”.
These could be the ideas for it’s lead magnets → “how to grow a podcast from scratch” or “These 10 strategies get more advertisers for your podcast” or “10 social media templates for your podcasts”.
You can even use ChatGPT for getting different ideas.

Marketing Your Lead Magnet

Now that you have your completed lead magnet. It’s time to market it. To do this you can choose from a bunch of options, like:

  • Create social media posts around it. (Memes and fun content does particularly well)
  • Send out an email campaign.
  • Add a popup on your site.

Basically, you need your lead magnet to reach the correct audience.

So that you can gain as many leads as possible.

Strategy For Your Lead Magnet Social Media Post

You should keep some part of your resource freely accessible and keep the rest limited to readers who submit their emails, something like a sneak peak into the resource itself.

You can also give part of your resource in your social media posts for free, something valuable so that your readers know that the rest of your resource is also valuable and knowledgeable.

For example, If you’re giving a list resource, like 10 ChatGPT hacks, then you can give away 2 hacks for free in your social media posts.

You can use to do this as well. Typedd allows you to create lead magnet based posts that you can use to market your resource and distribute it.

Lead Magnet Template

Recently one our own LinkedIn lead magnet post went viral.

So we made a template that you can follow to create your own LinkedIn lead magnet post like that.

🚀Exciting News!

Hey [Audience]! I recently [Achievement/Event] and it’s been quite the journey!
Ever wondered:

🤔”[Question 1]?”
💻”[Question 2]?”
🏃‍♀️”[Question 3]?”
🤝”[Question 4]?”

Well, guess what? I’m putting together a FREE guide on “[Your Topic]” that’s designed to help [Target Audience] like you, whether you’re in [Related Field] or not. It’s packed with valuable insights.
Here’s a sneak peek:

💬[Insight 1]
✨[Insight 2]
✅[Insight 3]
⚡[Insight 4]
👥[Insight 5]
💰[Insight 6]

Excited? Interested?
Drop a comment below, and I’ll send you the guide via DM!

Also you shouldn’t just make one one post, you should try making multiple posts like these, on multiple platforms.

Make different variations. And be sure to make the headline pop, make it engaging and benefit oriented.

You can also share some part of the resource for free as a hook and the rest could be behind a pay wall.

Examples Of Lead Magnets

  • 10 ChatGPT prompts for {X}
  • A guide on how to do {X}
  • 10 Guaranteed hacks for {X}
  • 10 Proven Strategies for Mastering {X}
  • The Ultimate Guide to {X} Success
  • Your Essential {X} Checklist
  • Customizable {X} Template for Instant Results
  • Unlocking {X}: A Comprehensive Guide
  • The Ultimate {X} Resource Library
  • The Expert’s Guide to Dominating {X} field
  • The {X} Playbook for Maximum Impact
  • Revolutionize Your {X} Approach with These Hacks
  • Insider Secrets: Navigating {X} Like a Pro
  • Masterclass: Elevate Your {X} Game Today
  • The {X} Handbook: Everything You Need to Know
  • Simplify {X}: Quick Wins for Busy Professionals
  • Unleash Your {X} Potential: A Comprehensive Guide
  • The A to Z of {X}: Your Ultimate Reference Guide

To Sum Up,

Using LinkedIn posts to generate more leads is a smart move if you want to build a brand and a monetizable following. Firstly, figure out what your audience needs and if you can provide them with the solution. Second, create a helpful resource based on those needs and then spread the word.

Share your lead magnet on social media, through emails, and on your website. Remember to use a catchy hook to make your post stand out. You can give out a little preview of your resource, and ask people to drop a comment if they’re interested.

Try different posts on different platforms and make sure your headlines grab attention. You can even share part of your resource for free and keep the rest behind a paywall for extra value.

Go and use the information and examples given above to make high performing lead magnets with the help of your LinkedIn posts.