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We turn your social media posts into blogs, publish them, and drive traffic, all for just $79/month!

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First of all you subscribe to our "Done for you" plan for just $79/mo.

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We'll grab all your social media posts, refine & post them as blogs.

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See your influence grow as your posts automatically transform into blog posts.

Who's it for?

This is perfect for busy founders & personal brands who regularly make engaging content on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and want to make their start on blogging. extend their impact into the blogosphere

How does it help?

Extended Reach

Reach a wider audience as your posts transition into blog entries, attracting new readers and followers to your digital space.

Saves Time

Typedd will transform your social media posts into refined and engaging narratives automatically, without you lifting a finger.

Repurpose Content

Turning LinkedIn posts into blogs maximizes impact across various platforms and purposes.

Enhanced presence

Blogs establish authority, showcasing expertise and contributing to thought leadership

Don't let your social media posts just stay at one place. We will turn them into SEO optimized blog posts that will attract new audience. This helps you get more leads & generate great results for your business or personal brand.
Usama Khalid
Founder at Contentdrips

Frequently Asked Questions?

We carefully read your social media post & then format it properly with headings & subheadings so it looks good as a blog post.

We will be sharing the cancellation URL with you. You can use that link to cancel anytime.

No we don’t. Each post is looked over, formatted & then published by a human.

You get a Typedd blog for free, including all its pro features & then this service where our team automatically repurposes your social media content onto your blog. 

You can contact me personally on LinkedIn (

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